Summer is almost here, and for many of us, that means more time by the pool or in the yard. So if you’re looking for a fun way to make your favorite poolside drink fancier or a new game to burn off some energy, here are our favorite DIY crafts and recipes of the week.

Pirouline fans are going green and ditching traditional plastic straws for a much tastier alternative, hollowed-out Pirouline wafers. This adorable twist on the classic straw only requires your favorite wafers, a reusable straw, and your go-to summer drink. 

Now it’s time to get crafty with something we all have in our trash bins right now. This rainbow toilet paper roll windsock from “Fabulessly Frugal” is adorable and easy to create, which makes it perfect for kids. Once finished, it’s the ideal item to hang up outside and watch in the wind.

If your kids are looking to catch up on their Summer reading, this next craft is truly magical. “Creative Family Fun” shares their step-by-step instructions for some dazzling Magic Wand Reading Pointers. Your new readers will love making their own magic wands that are perfect for keeping their place while reading.

How about a little brain teaser? Escape Rooms have become a popular activity for kids over the years, but just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean the mystery has to come to an end. We love this DIY escape room from “The Activity Mom.” You’ll need a few supplies including a lock, a puzzle, some clues, and plenty of imagination.

After all that investigating, we have the perfect recipe to recharge those young minds. Our homemade Cookie Butter Rice Krispie Treats will definitely score some points. It’s as easy as pressing the Rice Krispie mixture into a pan, covering that with chocolate, and then layering Pirouline wafers on top. With just six ingredients, it will take you less than an hour. Click here for the recipe.

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Whether you’re slowly starting to get back to your pre-COVID life or are still isolated at home, we could all use a few new ideas to keep the kids busy. Here are some of our favorite craft and recipe finds this week.

Let’s start with one of our more sophisticated recipes, Pirouline Napoleon. It calls for 12 ingredients and will take just under two hours to complete. After layering three cookie squares, you’ll top it off with a raspberry and a Pirouline. Sounds fancy, looks elegant, and tastes even better!

This next one is for the birds, quite literally, but it’s a fun project for the kids too. These birdseed ornaments from “One Little Project” look amazing and are super simple. All you’ll need to feed the birds is some birdseed, unflavoured gelatin, corn syrup, and water. 

Now it’s time to get messy with some homemade floam slime. “Crafty Morning” shared these simple instructions that call for only four ingredients. Just pour clear glue and warm water in a bowl and mix. Then, add in the liquid starch and stir. If it’s still liquidy, add more starch until it stretches. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Need a little fresh air? This puffy sidewalk paint recipe from “The Best Ideas For Kids” only requires a few materials, and it’s such a clever spin on the traditional store-bought sidewalk chalk. Your kids will love painting with this DIY sidewalk paint this summer.

Perhaps we saved the most exciting for last; ice cream and brownies, anyone? Try this easy to bake Pirouline Ice Cream Brownie Cake. All you’ll need is Brownie mix, Moose Tracks, and our famous wafers. It’s simple, quick, and delicious.

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Still stuck inside and looking for something new to try? Search no further than Pirouline’s Nutella Berry Cookie Shots and a game that involves a lot of candy. Sound like a fun time? Here are some of our favorite picks to help keep you and your family busy.

Let’s begin with our Pirouline Nutella Berry Cookie Shots. They may not be exactly what you think – there’s no alcohol involved – but they are truly indulgent. Roll your dough into even balls and place them into a greased muffin tin. Eventually, you’ll get to add some Piroulines as a finishing touch. This recipe only calls for eight easy steps and can be completed in just 45 minutes.

If you’re an early riser and are in search of a new breakfast idea, you’ll just love this take on French Toast. While this breakfast staple is amazing in itself, just imagine it rolled and stuffed with fruit and cream cheese, dipped in egg, and finally covered in a cinnamon-sugar mix before being grilled on a skillet. Check out this fabulous recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything!

Now it’s time to get crafty and make something out of those empty toilet paper rolls we all have right now. This fire breathing paper roll dragon craft is so fun! It will seriously make you laugh when you see the flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth, and it’s ridiculously simple to make. Here are the complete instructions from One Little Project.

Game time! This one involves a crowd favorite, candy bars. Start by giving each player a lunch sack and have them put their name on it. Place all of your candy in the center of the table and have each player surround the table with their bag in front of them. A “win” is when a player rolls any double on the dice. When that happens, they get to choose a candy bar from the center of the table, placing it in their bag. Check out the entire playbook from Fun Squared.

Finally, it’s time to recycle. Dress up your patio with this beautiful Pirouline Clay Cacti Vase. All you’ll need is an empty Pirouline tin, clay, spray paint, and sandpaper. It takes just one hour and includes only eight simple steps.

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The game of Jenga is known for the art of picking the right piece to move. While our lives might feel a bit like this classic game right now, keep in mind, Jenga is also known for its ability to make us forget our worries, even if just for a moment. A new twist on the puzzling game is one of our favorite finds this week as we continue to bring you recipes and activities you can make from home.

“Life as Mama” brings us this new take on the game of Jenga. It includes writing down different activities on your game pieces; ten jumping jacks, a somersault, or a jog around the kitchen. Once a game piece is picked, that player has to complete that activity. It will get the family moving while spending time together.

After all that exercise, treat yourself to some dessert. Our Chocolate Caramel Pirouline Cookie Bark is one of our simplest recipes. It will only take you ten minutes to create and requires just four ingredients including Piroulines, chocolate chips, and caramel.

Ready for some more gaming? Maybe it’s time to try making one that’s larger than life. We absolutely adore this giant Connect Four from “A Girl and a Glue Gun.” All you need are some colored paper plates, a disposable tablecloth, and a marker. Good luck!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Start the kids off with animal toast from “Our Ordinary Life.” They’ve taken simple ingredients like hazelnut spread or peanut butter and topped them off with fresh fruits to create animal faces. It’s an easy way to make breakfast more fun.

If you’re looking for a snack that’s perfect for cuddling on the couch, these Pirouline Cocoa Dunkers are worth the effort! They call for ten ingredients but will only take you 30 minutes to complete. 

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We’re all starting to get a little stir-crazy and running out of ways to stay busy during self-isolation. Fortunately, there are thousands of simple baking and crafting ideas that can be fun for the whole family. Here are a few new projects to try this week.

It doesn’t get much easier than one step, three ingredients, and ten minutes. Our Chocolate Dipped Piroulines start by melting your cocoa in a small saucepan. Once they’re dipped, you can add any topping you’d like from nuts, coconut, sprinkles, or chocolate drizzles! It’s an easy way to get the kids involved.

Sidewalk art is making a big impact as people stay close to home. With messages of hope, it’s a great way to spread a little joy. For a fun twist on traditional chalk, try this chalk ice recipe from “The Best Ideas For Kids.” They’ll love creating art with these “paint-sicles,” and watching the colors melt together. 

Looking for something a little more permanent? With a little patience, you can make beautiful geodes in your own kitchen. These easy instructions from “Dollar Store Crafts” will take you through the process of picking your color, shaping your thread, and watching your crystals grow.

With the cancellations of some state and county fairs across the nation, perhaps it’s time to consider building your own carnival. “East Coast Mommy” breaks down the process of making a backyard “guessing booth”. And after everyone makes their predictions, the person who guesses correctly gets to keep the whole jar of candy! 

Need something different for breakfast? Our Pirouline Granola is a sweet way to start the day. You’ll only need eight ingredients including some pecans and old fashioned oats. Serve it with yogurt or milk, and it’s a great excuse to eat cookies in the morning.

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