Partnering with Pirouline

We have worked to create opportunities to support and expand our partner relationships across all partner channels. Let’s connect and talk about how we can support your business.


With every Pirouline rolled wafer made right here in America, we offer fast turning SKUs with a lot of potential. There is a Pirouline product that fits with every price range, audience and store type. With our flexibility and our strong package design options, we are a trustworthy and reliable partner.


Translating our retail success and customer demand into foodservice, we offer an array of bulk-packed options for use toppings or ingredients for all sorts of beautiful and delicious desserts. Our Pirouline® pastry pipes can be stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings to create shareable desserts, buffet items or hand-held desserts. Our rolled wafers pair perfectly with coffee, tea, red wine or cocktails. Or think lunch boxes, turn down service or use as an upsell item! Available nationwide, please reach out for distributors or direct purchases.

Straws – our new addition to the family is a bulk packed straw. Instead of trashing your plastic straw, eat it!


Piroulines are available in 40 countries worldwide and counting! Please reach out for distributors in the various countries we are available in and always looking for growth opportunities.

Please contact or to learn more about all the ways Pirouline can help grow your business.