Reimelt Operator

Definition and Nature of the Work

DBC Reimelt Operator is to ensure that the Reimelt process is carried out according to the goals set by their company’s policies and Quality Standards. Reimelt Operator will be trained by QA Manager in how to complete all their respective paperwork.

Reimelt Operator has a very important impact in safety and quality; he/she is in direct contact with raw ingredients and has to assure that Reimelt area is clean during the shift run; personal hygiene is also high priority. Reimelt area has to be organized to avoid any accidents and comply with food regulations. Due to the housekeeping and noise level in that area, operators always have to wear PPE and use signs (wet signs, ear muff, hose, back support, etc.) to be safe.

Reimelt Operator reports to Reimelt Supervisor whom is responsible to cover all his/her duties in his/her absence

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Make sure all equipment is working properly; notify Reimelt Supervisor / Maintenance if there is any malfunction.
  • Responsible for mixing the Crème and Dough properly.
  • Responsible for waste.
    • Oil room –waste.
    • -Raw materials- waste
  • Communicate with baking supervisor for any product changes during your shift
  • Make sure all formulas are accurate and use correctly
  • Make sure work environment is clean and safe during shift. Always perform continuous housekeeping.
  • Make sure all documentation is complete.
  • Conduct various checks during your shift striper mix, chill water, hoppers, oil lecithin mix, etc.
  • Contact Shift Manager for Major issues.

** Reimelt Operator is responsible for any additional duties, or responsibilities, that may be designated by his/her manager **

Minimum Requirements

  1. High School Diploma
  2. A minimum of 6 months of manufacturing experience and/or Collage Degree.
  3. Flexible hours.
  4. Excellent Attendance
  5. Must be able to pass background check.


  1. Food Company Experience
  2. Computer Skills
  3. Written & Oral Skills
  4. Attention to detail.