When people think about a national brand, they imagine a large factory in a big city… but that is not the story of Pirouline! Our rolled wafers are baked fresh in our growing bakery in the small town of Madison, Mississippi. We are proud of our hometown, and we take pride in the rich history and the people of this city.

While we wish all of our rolled wafer fans could experience our hometown, we realize that the majority of Pirouline lovers will not be making the trek to visit Madison, so we are bringing the experience to you!

Enjoy a few quick facts about our hometown, and soon you’ll see why out of any city in the United States, we decided to call Madison, Mississippi “home.”

Photo: Mississippi Business Journal

  1. The name “Madison” was given to the city in honor of the fourth President of the United States, James Madison, who is remembered for his notable work on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Much like our town, James Madison was also small at just 5’4” and never weighed more than 100lbs!
  2. Madison is a product of an established railroad station, which was built in 1856 (pre-civil war).
  3. The city of Madison was established along a central railroad track which brought its first settlers. After the railroad was established, the city developed quickly around it.
  4. Our town is located just 12 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi, so it is considered a part of Jackson’s Metro.
  5. In 2005, Madison was named the 55th Best Place to Live in the United States by CNN’s Money Magazine
  6. The current population sits just over 25,000 people, with slightly more females than male (51%!) and a median age of 41.8.
  7. 35 Years ago, Peter and Mireille DeBeukelaer visited Madison on a scouting trip to figure out where they would establish their own cookie factory. After visiting the town, the couple agreed the charm of the city and the small hometown values were exactly the foundation they wanted to build Pirouline upon.


“We were looking for a central location, with a good workforce and a close connection to our stores, our customers, so we could deliver a fresh product,” Peter told WJTV in an interview about his discovery of Madison.

And so Peter grabbed a bag of concrete mix and poured his heart and dreams into the ground of Madison, Mississippi – the only town that Pirouline rolled wafers are made in.


We are proud to call Madison, Mississippi, our home, and the hometown of Pirouline.


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